Episode 2: Tomatoes in the Classroom

Today’s keyword is TOMATOES. There is a peculiarity to classrooms that is rarely noticed.
It involves tomatoes, the weird and wonderful (and occasionally woeful) techniques that professors deploy in order to spark learning in their classrooms. This episode explores a range of tomatoes, Ada comes clean about her own tomato, and Kyle Kinaschuk, a grad student in Toronto, shares some stunning portraits of the tomatoes he’s encountered in classrooms.

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Episode 1: There Is No Learning Gene

If there is no “learning gene,” then how does learning actually take place? This episode looks to evolutionary science for an answer, introducing a concept—and today’s keyword, ONTOGENY— that opens up the philosophical stakes of classrooms. Ada talks to Erin Manning, whose writings on radical pedagogy inspired the creation of this podcast. Patricia Pardo sums up the import of ontogeny for transforming classrooms into accessible spaces. And two recent graduates, Joy Hodgson and Laura Grant, muse about the challenges of classrooms for students.

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Preview: What’ve We Got to Lose/Learn?

Welcome to The Learning Gene, the podcast where experts become students, and students challenge the limits of the classroom. Today’s keyword is EPIGENETICS. Something about letting go of/losing our assumptions about classroom dynamics and creating/designing new feedback loops for students and teachers. Using philosophy to explore the ways we learn, the way it literally changes us, and some ways we can make this learning/changing more dynamic/intentional/responsive/[?].

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[sounding out the shape of learning]