Upcoming Episodes

Here are some of the episodes that are underway in our short series on design: 

Bruised Tomatoes:  teachers might well deploy their own teaching designs in the classroom, but it is students who navigate these designs with varying degrees of interest.  If the classroom is a scientific space, then according to philosophers of science Isabelle Stengers and Vincianne Despret, good science only takes place when students act like non-conforming users.  This episode invites undergrads to reflect on what’s at stake in becoming articulate and recalcitrant students. 

Tomatoes in their Gardens:  each teacher has a tomato, but tomatoes emerge in highly specific ecological contexts.  This episode turns to grad students who share incisive analyses of “gardens”: the curricular, canonical and programmatic commitments that shape (but don’t determine) what goes down in particular classrooms. 

Upcoming Series

Our next series of episodes will track and explore algorithms:  what do algorithms want in the classroom?  This will be our animating question for the series. 

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