The logo for Disability After Dark: silhouette of Andrew Gurza in wheelchair

Disability After Dark

Shining a bright light on sex and disability.  This charming and savvy podcast, hosted by Andrew Gurza, reflects an approach to audio that Andrew describes as “self-podcasting.” In addition, its DIY flavour, combined with Andrew’s own experience as a Disability Awareness Consultant, makes it a compelling example of what we could also call “critical podcasting.”  This podcast would lend itself to conversations with students about the political, moral and existential significance of projects like Disability After Dark, as well as to intro- or more advanced-level discussions about disability, sexuality, queer theory and gender studies and crip theory.

Especially teachable episode

 Episode 44: Picture This    This episode is a wide-ranging conversation between Andrew and two filmmakers, a National Film Board director and producer who worked on the new NFB film about Andrew, titled “Picture This.”  In the episode, Andrew introduces the filmmakers to terms like “inspiration porn” and “crip tax,” and the discussion opens up the concrete and the complex challenges involved with creating a project like Picture This.  The episode would pair beautifully with the NFB documentary Picture This.

Consider teaching the episode as well as the film alongside Tobin Siebers, “A Sexual Culture for Disabled People.