Disfluently Fluent

By Spac.
In which an undergrad explores the abstractions at play within diagnoses involved with “stuttering.”  This project was produced in the context of a Philosophy of Science course in winter 2017. 

“We’ve been told and raised to believe in the ‘universal normal human,’ when in reality, humans come in variation.”  This audio essay looks to the research of Joshua St. Pierre, raising questions about the pathologizing of disfluent speech and the importance of disability studies.


Reflections by the audio-essay creator on additional resources:

       The American-Speech-Language-Hearing Association gave me a lot of quantitative and qualitative information on stuttering.

Joshua St. Pierre from the Department of Philosophy at the University of Alberta’s article, “Cripping Communication: Speech, Disability, and Exclusion in Liberal Humanist and Posthumanist Discourse.

Nina G: The Stand-Up Comedian Who Also Stutters  is an amazing kickback story.


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