Episode 1.1: Tomatoes in the Classroom

Today’s keyword is Tomatoes.  There is a peculiarity to classrooms that is rarely noticed. It involves tomatoes, the weird and wonderful (and occasionally woeful) techniques that professors deploy in order to spark learning in their classrooms. This episode explores the artistry of teaching practices. Erin Manning reflects poignantly on the risky practices at the heart of teaching, giving voice to the tagline of this podcast project: “listening for things we don’t know how to listen for.” Namrata Mitra’s depictions of tomatoes open up the macabre, as well as the truly nutritious, dynamics of classrooms. Kyle Kinaschuk, a grad student in Toronto, shares a stunning portrait of a tomato. And Kaitlin Rothberger, the podcast’s undergrad field reporter, identifies what might be the best kind of tomato. This is the first of a series of episodes, facilitated by Ada Jaarsma, that tracks and explores the design work at play within classrooms. .

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