Close-up photo of tomato in black and white

Episode 1.2: We Are The Tomato

Today’s keyword is “iteration.”  Our exploration into the artistry of teaching moves to the terrain of a thought experiment: what happens when a teacher confronts their own set of teaching practices (their sleights of hand, their design choices)?  Do they risk the very suspension of belief that is vital to teaching?  In this episode, “We Are The Tomato,” Ada discloses her own tomato—by way of sharing the learning curves involved with audio-creation.  We hear from two podcasting-teachers, Meg Wilcox and Alexander Kim.  And we encounter the impact of design, like the role played by microphones and the activity of editing voices.  Patrick Imbrogno, a recent graduate from Mount Royal University, reflects on the experience of creating audio as a student.  Iteration, according to this episode, is essential for teaching, and yet its ethical and existential stakes are tremendous.

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