By Nikko Jacobs, Shepherd Mtombeni, Alyssa, Simone, Bronte and Christine

Do you feel your heart beat quicken when someone says something that makes you uncomfortable? That hits your ear and echoes through your head? That turns your stomach in knots and tightens your chest? The feedback loops that exist in those moments are explored in this podcast.

Reflections by the audio creators

We all have thoughts and ideas that are not necessarily popular, and more times than not, we leave this in our heads. Conversation is important, though: if we do not ask, react, counter or talk, our opinions get formed by our selves alone. This is never ideal because our own knowledge is limited.

Thank you 

Thank you, Shepherd.

Ada Jaarsma, thank you for teaching the course in which we created this audio project. It allowed us to converse about topics that, outside of the space you provided, would not happen. It was the spark we needed to engage in conversation.

References and suggested resources

Before recording our audio essay we watched the following PBS and Jay Smooth videos as a prompt for discussion. We recommend them to our listeners.

PBS NewsHour. (2017, November 30). What happens when I try to talk race with white people.

Jay Smooth. (2008, July 21). How To Tell Someone They Sound Racist.

Louis C.K. (2010, September 20). Offended by the n-word.

Song attributions

Mica Paris– Don’t Give Me Up (sampled)

Imagination– All Night Loving (sampled)

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