Never thought of it that way

By Shifrah Gadamsetti, Moe Hammoud, Simone Rodger, Spencer Strand, Anonymous, and Dan.
Today’s keyword is: Unlearning.

Embarking away from the traditional classroom structure is always difficult, but sometimes that embarkation is the best way for you to learn at the moment. It is daunting to have far less outlines for major projects, but that discomfort plays a key role in the course of learning– and unlearning– new things.  This collaborative project was created in the context of a Feminist Philosophy course in fall 2016.

Reflections by one of the creators:

“I’m hoping that our audio essay will help listeners to challenge the idea that the typical classroom setting is the only place where learning exists and is valued. Also I hope that this audio essay highlights the importance of unlearning as well, and that it gives ‘never thought of it that way’ response”– anonymous.

Suggested additional resources for exploring unlearning include Erin Manning’s “10 Propositions for a Radical Pedagogy“, “What is Unlearning?” (Mithya Institute for Learning) and “Connections: Yesterday, Tomorrow, and You” (1978 BBC documentary by James Burke).

Credit and thanks for music to Yolam Perel.  And special thanks to Mr. Sra and Breanna Moore.

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