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Now Here This

A platform for student-produced audio stories of all kinds. Now Here This features memoirs and interviews, investigative journalism and live storytelling, slam poetry, and more. “Our mission is to connect listeners with a diverse array of emotions, experiences, and ideas through stories told out loud. We believe that voices are at the heart of human connection, and we can’t wait to share what we’re hearing.”   If you’re incorporating audio into your classes as a medium for students to work with, this is an excellent resource for foregrounding the specific and significant import of student voices: it would be a great prompt, for example, for soliciting discussion about what undergrads comment on, what they choose to emphasize, and where the aesthetic and conceptual centre lies in student-produced storytelling.

Especially teachable episode

   A beautifully produced three-part series, “for us by us”:  part 1 (soul studies), part 2 (oj), and part 3 (knohisry).  These episodes range from a curated and annotated student-produced playlist, a reflective conversation with a student DJ, and an interview with a DJ/music engineer.  Any of these would be a great teachable audio essay, especially in terms of the role that “audio” plays in student life.