One from the Vaults

The podcast that brings you all the dirt, gossip and glamour from trans history!  One from the Vaults, created and produced by Morgan M. Page, explores trans history through episodes that focus on the dramatic, unexpected or history-changing stories of trans artists, activists, musicians and actors. This is an excellent podcast to integrate into courses or lessons on trans studies, gender studies or explorations of political and social movements– especially because the concrete and singular details come to such sonic life in each episode.

Especially teachable episode

   It can be challenging, in lessons or syllabi more broadly, to make careful space for the individual and collective actors who participated in hugely significant events.  Stormé Weather, episode 18, fills this crucial gap by reflecting on the Black drag king at the centre of the Stonewall rebellion. The episode also raises questions about the complexity of history as an empirical endeavour, demonstrating the difficulties of verifying the “truth” of long-ago events through archival and anecdotal evidence.