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A show about the natural world and how we use it. This podcast from New Hampshire Public Radio is a beautifully produced and researched show. Each episode opens up pressing political and environmental questions, debates and issues through compelling, immersive storytelling.

Especially teachable episodes

  Powerline: a four-part series  This is a stunning series that explores the history and current dynamics of Hydro Quebec.  It would be teachable as a series, but episode 1 and episode 2 would also each work as stand-alone episodes.  Episode 1, Masters in our Own Home, brings to life the fact that policy decisions (in this case, Massachusetts’ decision about cleaner energy) are inseparable from political contexts (like the complex context of Quebec, in which French critique of Anglo imperialism is in tension with indigenous critique of settler colonialism).  This episode would teach well in the context of lessons about the material specificity of infrastructure, about the complexities of energy and the contingencies of national borders.

Episode 2, The Project of the Century, is an introduction to the violence and highly specific nature of settler colonialism in what’s now known as Quebec.  This episode would work beautifully in the context of lessons about indigenous rights, the nature of sovereignty,  the violence of colonial expansion and critical indigenous work on recognition, reparations and the limits of multicultural paradigms.