The words "Reply All"

Reply All

A podcast about the internet. Reply All is described by The Guardian as “an unfailingly original exploration of modern life and how to survive it.” Hosted by PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman, episodes are filled with dramatic encounters with all-things technological.  Stories can be remarkably complex, and yet the hosts’ narration maintains a steadfast, at times comedic, refrain in which weirdness can become explainable and rabbit-holes can be navigated.  It’s a truly engaging podcast, all the more captivating if listeners follow along with the backstory (involving how PJ and Alex are hired to create Reply All) found in Startup’s first season about the birth of the podcast network Gimlet Media.  The podcast is teachable in the context of critical thinking about technology, the internet, generational differences connected to technological change, issues of surveillance, and tensions involving the local and global networks of commerce.

Especially teachable episode

   It can be fascinating to draw collective attention to the generational differences at play within the classroom.  (Some of us only got email when we were undergrads ourselves, for example, a stark contrast to the always-networked backgrounds of our students).  Many of Reply All’s episodes lend themselves to this theme.  Perhaps consider “#83 Voyage into Pizzagate” or “#98 Fog of Covfefe” for episodes that foreground the political import of twitter.  (Teachers might find themselves on the side of less-literate, in conversations with students about these episodes).  Each includes examples of the fantastic “Yes Yes No,” a recurring segment on Reply All that dramatizes the gap in twitter-literacy between PJ and Alex and their boss.