That’s effing Racist!

By Haley Arnholtz, Anonymous, Andie Deak, Tyra Jarbeau, Anonymous, Patrick Imgrogno, Hannah, and Justine MacDonald.

Today’s keyword is:  scientific racism.

Chapter 1: Case IQ  (trigger warning: curative language for mental disability is used in this discussion of scientific racism and eugenics)

Chapter 2: Phrenology & birth control history

Chapter 3: Interview about epigenetics

This collaborative audio essay was created in a Feminist Philosophy course in fall 2016.

Suggested additional resources:

Bethy Squires, “The Racist and Sexist History of Keeping Birth Control Side Effects Secret

US District Court for the Northern District of California (1972): Larry P. et al, Plaintiffs, v Wilson Riles et al, Defendants. 

Etienne Benson, “Intelligent Intelligence Testing

Racism and Immigration policy:The Richwine Affair


Reflections by the episode’s creators on the process of audio-creation:

“It was a learning experience. I gained a lot of insight into how alive racism is, while also learning how much work goes into putting everything together, making sure your script isn’t going to be too offensive while also trying to get the point across” (Anonymous).

“I would like to thank my professor Ada Jaarsma for opening up the world of sound design as a medium of resistance.”

“Thanks to the entire group.”

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