The Autistic Truth

By Breanna Dawe, Jarrett Very and Anonymous
This episode takes up the challenge in Melanie Yergeau’s stunning and productive response to “autism” diagnoses by exploring the dramas of abstraction at play within such diagnoses.   This project was created in the context of Philosophy of Science (winter 2017).

Reflections by this episode’s creators:

“We hope that with our audio project that we may have started the conversation to reduce the stigma that surrounds autism– and maybe even expose some of the truth between the ‘real’ autistic experience.”

“The kickback to our abstraction of ‘autism,’ its diagnosis, and treatment finally took place
when I decided to let the material speak…. Science has such power and
recognition in its findings, yet the experiences of those who are directly impacted by the disorder
are hardly given that acknowledgement…. Overall, the drama of our finished project made me realize that although a lot of research seeks to provide explanations for a given phenomena – and even though some findings are accurate – there are flaws and misinformed practices that are present. When looking to science for its interpretation of an abstraction, I will be critically analyzing whether it is ‘good’
science or bad.'”

Suggestions for further reading: 

M. Mintz (2017) “Evolution in the Understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder: Historical Perspectives,” Indian Journal of Pediatrics 84(1): 44-52.

Autism Speaks

S. H. Ameis et al (2016) “Antipsychotic Use Trends in Youth with ASD and/or Intellectual Disability: A Meta-Analysis.” Journal of the American Academy of Child Adolescent Psychiatry 55: 456-468.

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