The Culture Podcast

By Travis Presbitero

This audio essay take the form of a mixtape, curated by a philosophy student who is investigating the interplay of critical artistic expression with the insights of artists.  Its accompanying image is a metaphor for the concrete culture of hip-hop music, reflecting an exploration of the genres roots and love/hate relationship with the power of “free” speech.


Speech shapes the brain’s neural pathways, and it shapes both our subjectivity and objectivity. With this in mind, I’d argue that it is fundamental to use sound as a rebuttal to violence, as sound is an originator of violence. If we can rectify not just the sounds of hate speech but its intentions, and shape its disordered impact, I believe we will have found a way to systematically heal violence itself.

Thank you 

Thank you to all of the artists and creatives who’ve spent time cultivating each piece of work incorporated into this podcast. I sincerely hope your voice and intentions have been portrayed authentically.


Comedy Sketch
Dave Chapelle – Killing Them Softly

Songs Shared
J-Cole – Neighbours
T.I. – We Will Not
50 Cent – Hustlers Ambition
Kanye West – New Slaves
Tupac Shakur – Changes
Kendrick Lamar – U

Interviews Shared
J-Cole Live at Madison Square Garden
Blacktree TV Hip-Hop Vs America
Kanye West and Zane Lowe
Tupac in the Studio
Kendrick Lamar Talks About ‘u’, Depression & Suicidal Thoughts MTV News

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