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The Henceforward

The henceforward is the start of the future now.  “A podcast on settler colonialism and anti-blackness on Turtle Island.  Here we seek to build mutually respectful conversations about indigenous and black life in settler societies” through attempting to talk text, transit and land.”Produced by Eve Tuck, The Henceforward is a member of the Indian & Cowboy Podcast Media Network.

This is a highly teachable podcast, especially in the context of courses or lessons that explore critical race, indigenous and decolonial theories and texts.  Its title is a reference to Frantz Fanon’s statement in The Wretched of the Earth: “Henceforward, the interests of one will be the interests of all, for in concrete fact everyone will be discovered by the troops, everyone will be massacred— or everyone will be saved.”

Especially teachable episode

  I Don’t Want to Ask You a F’d Up Question   This seven-minute conversation between Eve Tuck and Rinaldo Walcott lends itself to streaming and listening in the classroom, since it is both short and gripping.  It begins with this statement by Walcott:  “The kind of question I’m willing to tolerate and engage with from a non-white person is very different from that of a white person.”  Tuck and Walcott dig into the complexities of communication, especially in relation to the asymmetries in voice, perspective, experience and meaning itself.

This short episode would pair beautifully with the introduction to The Racial Imaginary: Writers on Race in the Life of the Mind, written by Claudia Rankine and Beth Loffreda.

    The episode also lends itself to discussions about the work of Frantz Fanon and contemporary critical readings like Red Skin, White Masks by Glen Coulthard.  Here’s a handout that pairs this 7-minute episode with a chapter by Coulthard.