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Stories about Science. This is how The Story Collider describes itself:  “We believe that, now, more than ever, science is a part of everyone’s life. At The Story Collider, you’ll hear from scientists about all the times things went wrong, and occasionally right, in their labs, but you’ll also hear from people who haven’t had a formal connection to science since high school. We have physicists, comedians, neuroscientists, writers, actors, doctors, and many, many more telling their story. Some are heartbreaking; some are hilarious. They’re all true, and all, in one way or another, are about science.”

Especially teachable episode

    Rachel Yehuda: Cause and Effect:  a particularly poignant, first-person reflection on epigenetics and the study of transgenerational trauma.   Rachel Yehuda explains her own trajectory as an important epigenetic researcher, and she shares a key lesson about the dynamics of scientific practice:

“You can’t do human research if people don’t trust you to be dedicated to the truth, and I knew that I had to earn that trust.”