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The Unmute Podcast

Welcome to the place where philosophy and real world issues collide.  “The Unmute experience is a philosophical hip-hop and unapologetic intellectual jazz. It’s a home-cooked meal made for the everyday citizen.”  This interview-based monthly podcast, hosted by Myisha Cherry, features a wide array of philosophers (ranging from grad students to established scholars across the philosophy spectrum).

Every episode is teachable

This podcast lends itself beautifully to the classroom; it would work especially well in courses in which philosophy majors and minors tend to be enrolled.  Here are a few suggestions for incorporating this podcast into teaching.

First, Myisha Cherry begins each interview with the same question: “How did you become interested in philosophy?”  It would work well to assign different episodes of the podcast to groups of students within a course, asking each group to reflect on the specific responses that Myisha’s interlocutor lay out in their assigned episode.  This would likely facilitate productive questions about the nature, limitations and disciplinary imperatives of philosophy.

Second, it can be enormously helpful for students to hear a thinker that they’re currently reading converse about their work.  And so consider assigning an episode that features a philosopher that you plan to teach.  Here’s a brief sample of the range of episodes that The Unmute Podcast has produced:  Kristie Dotson on “Ignorance,” Joel Michael Reynolds on “Disability” Linda Alcoff on “Whiteness,” Cassie Herbert on “Risky Speech,” and Meena Krishnamurthy on “Political Distrust.”